Tuesday, April 26, 2011

GiveInKind sponsors its first child

GiveInkind sponsored education of a poor student for one year with the money earned from www.giveinkind.com. Thanks to all our supporters, its not possible without you. If 20 individuals made www.giveinkind.com their home-page and used it to search the web, that would provide enough money to educate a child.

Name : Ratan
Grade : 7
Background: Ratan lives in Jarkhand. His wodowed mother works as a domestic helper at a school.

Friday, March 4, 2011

A pledge for humanity

How many times have you watched a video like this, posted a comment on facebook and moved on with your lives? Can I ask you to donate 15 min of your time every month for this cause?

Take the pledge and together we can make a difference.

In 15 minutes or less you can do one or a few of the following

1. I will join the facebook cause to fight child starvation at http://www.giveinkind.com/
2. I will contribute to a blog listed in http://www.giveinkind.com/
3. I will introduce a friend and encourage them to join the cause.
4. I will think about innovative ways to help and colloborate at giveinkind@googlegroups.com .
5. I will use the search in http://www.giveinkind.com/
6. I will list a link to this blog in my email signature.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Donate your Blog

GiveInKind is a charity initiative to raise money for children in poverty by not seeking cash donations, but monetizing kind actions of our well wishers. One day I looked at my Google Adsense accoint that has 10cents in it after 6 months which was pretty useless to me, but if I could pool 100 of them, it would educate and feed a child for a month in India or Africa. Please do consider donating your Blog to a good cause. email me for details www.giveinkind.com